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H.I.C # WC-32896-H20

New Rochelle Lawn Care Services

Property Maintenance

• Does your curb appeal surpass all your neighbors?

• Is site upkeep and maintenance always 100%?

• Can you afford a live-in or full-time superintendent?

If you answered NO to any of these questions then pick up the phone and call 914-314-6444 for a free site maintenance evaluation and proposal.

C & S understands that maintaining the interior common areas, exterior grounds and over all curb appeal of your property requires constant care and attention. Thankfully, now you have a quick and easy solution for all your site maintenance needs.

C & S offers you a vast array of Property Maintenance services, whether its general maintenance, or daily operational services for your association, we’re here for you.

Below is a full list of services available:

•Interior Hall Cleaning & Maintenance

•Weekly Garbage Removal

•Public Space Maintenance

•Exterior Grounds Maintenance

•Pre/Post Move-in

•Carpet Care

•Kitchen & Break Rooms

•Fitness Center

•Stone and Metal Care

•Wood Surfaces

•Post-Construction Cleaning

•Pressure Washing